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Planning a Rebrand? The New Year is the Time!

Above all else, the New Year is an opportunity for a fresh start. It’s a clean slate for the 12 months ahead and a chance for you to make this year better than the last. For your business, this could mean growing your revenue, expanding your inventory, employing more people, or even opening another location.

Rebrand Your Business for 2018

One of the biggest opportunities for betterment that the New Year brings is the chance to execute a rebrand. It’s the perfect opportunity to modernize or refine your company’s image and get people interested in what you have to offer. If you’re taking on the new year with a new brand concept, there are a few important tips to remember and some necessary steps that need to be taken. Here’s a quick roadmap for success to keep in mind as we approach the beginning of 2018.

Complete the Concept

Many brand refreshes fall short of their intended appeal because they’re half-baked. A new logo or change of color scheme isn’t enough—you need to have the entire rebranding concept mapped out and fully understood. Some examples include: Determine why you’re rebranding and making you sure communicate that concept in all facets of the rebrand. Not only will the rollout seem more meaningful, it’ll have a more dramatic impact. Some reasons include:
  • Updating an antiquated or outdated brand
  • Revising your brand to include an expanding company
  • Updating to differentiate from competitors
  • Upgrading to a more illustrative brand concept
Once you understand the complete rebrand process, you’ll be better equipped to tackle the rollout and adoption in a timely and complete manner.

Have Collateral Ready to Go

The New Year is a great deadline because it’s such a prominent one. If you’re going all-in on a rebrand for your business, use the New Year deadline to make sure you’ve got new collateral printed and ready to go. For example, new vehicle decals, letterhead, business cards, vinyl banners, etc. Not only will ordering weeks in advance help you make the switch after the first of the year, it’ll also give you time to phase out existing stock.

Design with a Buffer

For small businesses, the New Year is an acceptable deadline for a new brand rollout; for larger businesses, it might be cutting things close. Don’t worry—you can still use it as a benchmark to get the ball rolling for a mid-year brand refresh! Use the upcoming deadline to find and meet with a creative consultant to discuss your vision for the rebranding. Taking the time to sit down with creative professionals will ensure you’re able to collaborate in advance of a rebranding. You can toss around ideas, give feedback on design, cite your likes and dislikes, and ultimately, develop a brand you’ll be proud to stand behind in the New Year (even if the rollout doesn’t happen until mid-year). Having a buffer for planning prevents a hasty and ultimately unsuccessful rebranding.

New Year, New Brand

If you know the time for rebranding has come but aren’t sure where to start, consult with your local AlphaGraphics. Not only are we design and print specialists, we’re expert creative advisors. We’ll help you rediscover your brand in a brand-new light and take it from conception to fruition in the coming New Year. Start the New Year with a vision for your new brand!

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